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The new Maine Lighthouse Museum offers the following volunteer opportunities:

MUSEUM DOCENTS: As a docent, you will be available in the museum to interpret the exhibits and answer questions from visitors as you circulate around the collection. Timing is for one 4-hour shift during the week or on weekends (8:30 to 12:30 or 12:30 to 4:30). Come once a week, once a month or as often as you can.

GROUP TOUR GUIDES: Many tour groups, school groups, and special visitors are scheduled to visit the museum. As a group tour guide, you will provide a personal tour of the museum and give them a special appreciation of Maine’s lighthouses and their history. You could also be a docent but “on-call” for additional special tours.

VOLUNTEER CURATORS: As a volunteer curator you will help “behind the scenes.” You will work under the supervision of a staff member to create and assemble displays and maintain and preserve artifacts. Hours and activities are as flexible as you want and have time to spend.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: The museum is often in need of assistance with general office duties, such as mailings, filing, basic database entry, membership program activities, special events, fundraising, etc. Timing is flexible and any level of experience is welcome.

As a volunteer, you will receive all the training you need to effectively carry out your duties. All you need is the desire to participate as a volunteer at the museum. If you have any special expertise you are willing to share to help the museum please let us know.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Not only does volunteering bring about enormous benefits for the local community and tourists/visitors during this year’s peak season, but it can also work for you! We can wax lyrical about the benefits of volunteering but rather than discuss the general side, we’ll take this opportunity to focus on what’s great about life as part of the Maine Lighthouse Museum team.

When you join you’ll be part of an experienced and devoted group of people. The skills you can learn in curating and guiding tour groups will prove invaluable if you look to later transition into paid roles elsewhere. Previous helpers have attained places as far away as Illinois and as nearby as Maine itself. If you’re looking to lend a hand why not contact the lighthouse and join the crew? In the peak summer season, helpful hands are much appreciated!

As a tour guide helping children, volunteering here can be a great way to improve and cultivate your storytelling skills. This can make you a perfectly suited candidate for future tour guide jobs.