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Consolidation & Collaboration

The Maine Lighthouse Museum (MLM) in Rockland and the American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF), the national leader in lighthouse preservation, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration. ALF has become a full partner in the Maine Lighthouse Museum and will be moving its corporate offices to the museum this winter. According to Renny Stackpole, Chairman of MLM, the foundation will be merging its extraordinary lighthouse artifact collection with the Maine Lighthouse Museum exhibits in Rockland, Maine. The consolidation of the two priceless collections will be completed by late spring of 2007.

The collaborative effort brings together two of the nation’s finest exhibits of lighthouse artifacts and forms an unprecedented collection of classical lenses and lighthouse equipment, as well as rare lightkeeper mementos and uniforms.

“The merging of the American Lighthouse Foundation’s Museum of Lighthouse History collection into that of the Maine Lighthouse Museum may well be one of the defining moments in modern lighthouse history,” says Timothy Harrison, president of the American Lighthouse Foundation. “The partnership between MLM and ALF will truly make the Maine Lighthouse Museum the largest and most important lighthouse museum in the United States, if not the world.”

“The consolidation of the two museums is not only exciting for artifact conservation, but also for lighthouse preservation—and at a time when it is needed most throughout the nation,” says Bob Trapani, Jr., executive director of the American Lighthouse Foundation. The organization presently has 23 historic lighthouses under its direction that the group is actively working to restore and maintain. ALF has over 5,000 members.

In addition to his duties as executive director for ALF, Trapani has been appointed the new director of the Maine Lighthouse Museum and will oversee both the day-to-day operations and consolidated collections. Bob Hastings will become the museum’s general manager.


Bob Hastings, General Manager, Maine Lighthouse Museum
(207) 596-0376
Bob Trapani, Executive Director, American Lighthouse Museum
(207) 646-0245