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Thank you to all of those who downloaded previous issues of the Maine Lighthouse Museum newsletter. We decided to revitalize the bulletin as a way of staying in touch with our volunteers, helpers, and regular guests. Upcoming issues will feature a combination of events and updates but also insight articles on maritime history and culture.

Generally, these will be available to download in our newsroom and will also be emailed automatically to subscribers. As the summer season rapidly approaches we are sure to welcome a further influx of guests and visitors to our Maine location and we relish the chance to promote cultural and educational tourism statewide. For those of you soon to embark on a visit, please consult maps and directions for guidance.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Maine Lighthouse Museum is to preserve, display, and enhance the nation’s most significant collection of lighthouse and lifesaving artifacts and lenses. The museum will present its collected works as part of the Maine Discovery Center that celebrates the maritime, commercial, cultural, and environmental heritage of MidCoast Maine. The Maine Lighthouse Museum’s exhibitions and programs will inspire and educate residents about the region’s unique quality of life and our New England traditions.

The Maine Lighthouse Museum
One Park Drive
P.O. Box 1116
Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: (207)-594-3301
Email: [email protected]